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Bulldog Ambassadors

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Student Leaders


Student Leaders Grades 5th-10th

Selected based on academic performance, responsibility, attendance, appropriate behavior, leadership skills and participation in clubs, sports and music, these students will be available to help with events happening at school and serve as tutors and role models for our younger children. 

The 2016-2017 Ambassadors:

Megan Smith                  Camie Terrell                Tanner Warhurst


Emma Willingham         Ansley Tate                    Claire Wiginton


Scout Bragwell               Devan Bush                    Bailey Oliver


Elizabeth Seal                 Ella Wiginton                 Isac Willingham


Nora Castillo                  Carson Cox                     Maria Estrada


Jackson Galliano            Alex Jarnigan                  Canaan Strough


Katie Cooper                  Landen Etherington         Kyle Hawkins


Caige Smith                    Noelle Willingham


Jordan Wright                Lily Blackburn


Alex Guidry




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