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Subjects Taught
Language Arts - 5, Science - 5, Science - 6




1991 Graduate of Belgreen High School


Attended Northwest Community College


1995 Graduate of Athens State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary




Earned a Master's Degree from the University of North Alabama



Completed my student teaching at Moulton Elementary in 1st grade.

Filled a maternity leave in kindergarten at Belgreen High School.

Served as a teacher's aide in 6th grade at Vina

Taught 4th grade at Vina (7 years)

Taught 3rd grade at Belgreen (5 years)

Currently in my 12th year teaching 5th and 6th grade Science and Reading at Belgreen.

Beginning my 23rd year of teaching.

Served on various committees including:  CDDRE, BBSST, SACS, Parental Involvement Team and School Wide

Sponsor the Bulldog Student Ambassadors and the Junior Beta Club


Help with Elementary Awards Day Program and the Parental Involvement Program 



Wrote and received a music grant from the Alabama Council on the Arts, 2010-11.


Welcome .....  Teaching Science is such a joy.  I have over eighty-five students and we have a great time in our hands-on Science class.  We use a program called AMSTI.  In this program, students conduct in-class investigations to solve problems and investigate the various components of science.  6th graders complete two 18 week units including Earth in Space and Catastrophic Events.  The fifth graders complete one 18 week unit and 2 nine week units, including  Ecosystems and Environmental Engineering, Matter and Interactions and Astronomy and Aerospace Engineering.  With AMSTI, we have "put-aside" the typical "science books" and have immersed ourself into a hands-on approach to learning.  I love the kids and I love what I do.  We have fun, while learning in the process.

I am married to Shannon Oliver, member of the Franklin County Board of Education, and we have one daughter Bailey who is an tenth grader.  We reside in the Belgreen community and are actively involved in the school.

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