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Class Schedule  



Mrs. Miller –First Grade 2018-2019 Schedule
7:50-8:05 Journal Writing/Phonic Song/AMSTI Morning Math/Whole
group instruction
8:05-9:05 Whole Group Reading
9:05-9:25 Strategic Small group Reading and Literacy
9:25-9:45 On Level –Small group Reading and Literacy
9:45-10:00 Advanced Small Group Reading and Literacy
10:10-10:15 Tier II Intervention and Literacy Stations/seatwork
10:20-10:50 Lunch
10:50-11:00 Bathroom
11:00-11:30 Carpet Time/Shared Reading & Integrated Sci./Social
11:30-12:15 Math* Whole group and independent work
12:15-12:30 snack
12:40-1:20 PE  

1:20 bathroom break

1:20-1:40 complete math activities 

:40-2:30 **Moday,Tuesday, Friday AMSTI Sci. Units/Social Studies/Health/Language?thematic units

**Wednesday AMSTI Sci. Units/Social Studies/Health/Language
2:05-2:40 Wednesday computer lab
2:10-2:30 AMSTI Sci. Units/Social Studies/Health/Language
1:40-2:05 ** Thursday AMSTI Sci. Units/Social Studies/Health/Lang.
2:05-2:35 Library
2:35-2:45 Pass out graded work/H.W/notes—Chapter Book Reading
–Prepare to Leave
2:45 Go to Buses *AMSTI =Alabama Math and Sci Technology Initiative





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