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Supply List 

Belgreen School 1st Grade Supply List


J      White, ½ inch 3 ring binder with clear plastic front

J      Small pencil pouch with zipper ( to go inside binder)

J      1- 1 subject wide rule notebook

J      2-pks WIDE rule loose leaf notebook paper

J      1- Handwriting tablet

J      2- pocket folders

J      2 packs of Regular size pencils with student’s name on each one

plus resupply as needed

J      1- pack of markers

J      Crayons

J      Scissors

J      Glue sticks (at least 3)

J      Small supply box (must fit in desk)

J      2- boxes of tissue

J      1- pack of colored computer paper

J      1- bottle of Germ-X

J      1 box latex free band-aids

J      1 container anti-bacterial Wet wipes

J      Boys- 1 box Quart zip-lock bags

J      Girls- 1 box Gallon zip-lock bags

J      One set of headphones or earbuds to be kept at school all year.

J      1 pack dry erase markers

No Pencil Sharpeners!!

No backpacks with rollers will be allowed.  This is school policy.


**$25.00 Donation to cover the cost of workbooks, and classroom supplies.


**Please put student names on all supplies.

Thank you


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