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Supply List 

 Belgreen High School

5th and 6th Grade List

Here is a list of supplies your child will need to have now, as well as throughout the year.


  •  Notebook Paper (Continuous Supply)

  •  Pencils (Continuous Supply)

  • Erasers (Continuous Supply)

  • Glue Sticks (Continuous Supply)

  • Crayons (Continuous Supply)

  • Colored Pencils (Continuous Supply)

  •  Scissors

  •  3 Rolls of Tape

  •  Spiral Notebooks (10)

  •  Binder (with clear plastic front)

  •  4 Pocket Folders

  •  Kleenex (2 Boxes)

  •  Supply box (small size that will fit in locker)

  •  Pack of White Copy Paper

  •  Pack of Colored Copy Paper

  •  Ziploc Bags (Gallon Size )


  •  Girls:  Clorox Wipes

  •  Boys: Expo Markers


$25 Room Donation (to buy workbooks, instructional supplies)


Locker Fee – Top $15 Bottom $12

(Students may share lockers-Each student pays half)


No Rolling Backpacks


Thank you! I look forward to a great school year!

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