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I would like to thank you for allowing me to teach your student(s). I hope they enjoy learning about history, government, and economics. My classes are lecture/discussion oriented and are designed to help students to think about things in different ways and to be able to voice their opinion.  My classroom is one that is based on a mutual respect. I respect them as human beings with valuable thoughts and opinions, and as long as they are respectful of me and others, they have the freedom to express them. Standard classes do more worksheets on the material we are discussing than the Advanced classes. The Advanced classes do more essay writing, but all classes are expected to do some writing of different types. I also try to incorporate current events into my classes as well. Projects are done by each class and vary in the amounts of time they will take.

Please look in the Forms section for my class rules, and the File Manager section for worksheets. 

Thank you,

Susan Thompson

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