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Schedules with results

2017-18 Belgreen Volleyball *indicates Area game
Date Opponent Location JV Varsity
8/31 Tishimingo Co/Colbert Co Home   Cancelled due to weather
9/2 V Tournament Carbon Hill   W, L, L, L
9/5 Colbert Co/Colbert Heights Colbert Heights   W, L
9/9 First Metro Invitational Muscle Shoals   L, W, W, L
9/11 Shoals Christian/Belmont Home   Cancelled due to weather
9/12 *Hackleburg Hackleburg   Rescheduled due to weather
9/14 *Tharptown Home W 3-1 W 3-0
9/16 Belgreen V Tournament Home   L, W, W, L
9/18 Shoals Christian Shoals Chrisitan W 2-0 W 3-5
9/19 *Phillips Phillips W 2-0 L 3-1
9/21 Colbert Heights/C Christian Home   L, W
9/25 Colbert Co Colbert Co W 2-0 W 3-0
9/26 *Hackleburg Home W 2-0 W 3-1
9/28 *Tharptown Tharptown W 2-0 W 3-2
10/2 Tri Match/W Morgan & E Lawrence East Lawrence   L, W
10/3 *Phillips Home RESCHEDULED  
10/5 Phillips Home W 2-1 L 3-0
10/7 V Tournament Colbert Heights   W, W, W, L
10/10 Belmont Belmont W 2-1 W 3-1
10/16 Tri Match Colbert H/Colbert Co Home   L, W
10/17 Waterloo Home *Senior Night   W
10/21 V Tournament Lawrence Co   L, L
10/23 AREA Tournament Phillips   L
10/26-28 Super Regionals Huntsville    
11/1-2 STATE Tournament Bessemer    


2017-18 Belgreen Basketball *indicates Area game
Date Opponent Location 7/8th Girls 7/8th Boys 9th Girls 9th Boys B Varsity Varsity Girls A Varsity
10/24 Red Bay Home L L          
11/3 East Franklin East Franklin W W W W      
11/6 Red Bay Red Bay L L L        
11/7 Phil Campbell Home L W L L      
11/9 Covenant Christian Covenant Christian L .          
11/13 Belmont Belmont L W          
11/14 Sheffield Home W W          
11/16 Phil Campbell Phil Campbell L L L L      
11/17 Red Bay Home         L W W
11/27 Colbert Co Home @Belmont L @Belmont     L L W
11/30 East Franklin Home W W W W      
12/1 Sheffield Home HC         L W W
12/4 Covenant Christian Home W W          
12/5 *Phillips Phillips       W W L W
12/8 *Vina Vina W W   W W W W
12/11 Carbon Hill Home @Sheffield L @Sheffield L   L W W W
12/12 *Hackleburg Hackleburg     W W   W W
12/15 Phil Campbell Phil Campbell         W L W
12/22 Colbert Co Colbert Co         W L W
1/4 Tharptown Tharptown L W L W      
1/5 *Tharptown Home         W W W
1/9 *Vina Home           L W
1/11 Phil Campbell Home         L L L
1/13 *Tharptown Tharptown         W W L
1/15 Carbon Hill Carbon Hill         L W W
1/20-22 V County Tourn Home         W, L W, L W, W
1/23 *Phillips Home           L W
1/26 *Hackleburg Home           W W
1/29 Fayette Home           W W
1/30 Red Bay Red Bay           W W
2/2 Sheffield Sheffield           W W
2/5-10 Girls Area T Phillips           W,L  
2/5-10 Boys Area T Home             W,W
2/12 G Sub-Regional Marion Co           W  
2/13 B Sub-Regional Home             W
2/15 NW Regional Tourn Wallace St           L L


2017-18 Belgreen Baseball *indicates Area game
Date Opponent Location JV V
2/20 St. Bernard Home W W
2/22 Cherokee Cherokee C-weather C-weather
2/23 Lynn Away C-weather C-weather
2/27 Winston Co Home L W
3/1 Cov Christian Away C-weather C-weather
3/3 Red Bay Red Bay W L
3/5 Lynn Away W L
3/6 E Franklin Home W,W  
3/8 Waterloo Home L L


2017-18 Belgreen Softball *indicates Area game
Date Opponent Location JV Varsity


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