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April 17th Lesson Plans

April 17th-21st







The Signmaker’s Assistant- Continued



Genre: Humorous Fiction

Comprehension Skill: Realism and Fantasy

Comprehension Strategy:  Monitor & Fix Up

CC2RL1-Ask and Answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

·           Vocabulary:  Word Structure

CC2L4.d-Use knowledge of the meaning of individual words to predict the meaning of compound words (e.g., birdhouse, housefly, notebook)

·           Phonics Skill:  Vowels aw, au, augh, al

CC2RF3.b- Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.

Spelling, 266d


Practice book, 98



Oral Vocabulary/Share Literature, 266b

Read Aloud Anthology "The Hoot and

    Holler Hat Dance"

Amazing Word hoard


Review Vocabulary and Amazing Words using powerpoint


Sing with Me Big Book, Song 25

Amazing Words  apologize, citizen, judgement


Comprehension Skill/Strategy

Lesson, 264r–265


Review workbook pages 91-92


Reread Story for fluency and complete Trifold


Phonics, 266c–266d

 Review Vowels aw, au, augh, al


Phonics, 264n-264o

Introduce Vowels aw, au, augh, al


Spelling, 264p

Practice book, 97


Spelling Bee




Reading Test


Progress Monitoring



Review Spelling words


Test spelling words: Vowels: aw, au, augh, al









Unit 5 Review

and global scholar testing



Cursive Handwriting



Writing:  My favorite Weather

Students will write a rough draft of 5 paragraphs using main idea and details. 


Rough Draft

Proofread and Edit

Unit 5 Review and Global scholar testing



Expository Writing: My favorite Weather


Fiinal Draft


Students will proofread and edit with teachers help and rewrite a final draft of a 5 paragraph expository essay. 





No School!

Small Groups (20 minutes each)


Green:  Decodable Reader 25

Yellow:   Decodable Reader 25

Blue:  The Magic Treehouse


Green: Leveled Reader


Yellow:  Leveled Reader

Blue:  The Magic Treehouse


Green:  Skill Sheet

Yellow:  Skill Sheet

Blue:  The Magic Treehouse


Green:  Comprehension

Yellow:  Comprehension

Blue:  The Magic Treehouse


No School




Grammar: Contractions

CC2L2.c-Use an apostrophe to form contractions and frequently occurring possessives


Grammar, 289c

Review Contractions

Workbook, 99-100


Cursive Handwriting: 






Grammar, Test


Cursive Handwriting



Unit 5 Review


Cursive Handwriting



Unit 5 Review


Cursive Handwriting


Mother’s Day Writing:      Students will type  a sentence explaining why they love their   mothers for Mother’s Day and using drawing tools on the computer to illustrate it. 


No School












Library: 11:05-11:35 on Monday

Do Math at 2:00 today.





10.4 …   CC.2.MD.10

Read Bar Graphs, 481-484


Homework:  Standards Practice Page 10.4

10.5 … CC.2.MD.10

Make Bar Graphs, 485-488

Homework:  Standards Practice 10.5

10.6 …CC.2.MD.10

Problem Solving:  Data Display, 489-492


Homework:  Standards Practice 10.6

No School

Science  12:00-12:35

AMSTI Plants


Examine Seeds and Plant Seeds

AMSTI Plants

 Know parts of seeds:  label   seed coat, cotyledon, seed food, baby plant


AMSTI Plants


Needs of Plants:  Air, Water, Food

AMSTI Plants

No School

Snack 12:40-1:00






P.E.  1:05-1:45












Social Studies 2:00-2:40

Math:  Lesson 10.3… CC.2.MD.10

Make Picture Graph….477-480


Homework: Standards practice  10.3


Social Studies Weekly

Social Studies Weekly


No School

Pack Up 2:45